Addiction treatment systems at a the city and local level in the EU (abstract)

Speaker: Thomas Legl (President of European Treatment Centres for Drug Addiction; Director of the Knapenhof Treatment Centre; Austria)

Within the EU increased efforts are being made for a common drug strategy, with a focus on an integrated, multidisciplinary and balanced approach to drugs combining demand and supply reduction. This strategy also features international cooperation and research, information and evaluation .Two action plans, one covering the period 2005-2008, and the other 2009-2012, have been set up. An evaluation of measures is planned in 2012. Concerning treatment there is still a significant gap between research findings and evaluation on one hand, and the reality of practical handling on the other. Strategies differ within member countries to a great extent. While aiming for common strategies, there is no question about the importance of specific answers to local problems. The DCD /Democracy Cities and Drugs projects 1 and 2 have raised the topic of local response on a city level, bringing together different stakeholders. Recent cooperation within the work package “Treatment Challenges” occurred between drug coordination units from the cities of Liege, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Vienna, and from the central Bohemian region. Differences in problem-perception, the focus of interventions and the general frameworks will be highlighted, and the first results of the work on common guidelines will be presented.


CV: Dr. Thomas Legl, born 18. 6. 1959 has 30 years experience in the addiction field in treatment, prevention, research and international exchange. As psychologist and psychotherapist he has been director of treatment of Grüner Kreis, Austria´s largest centre for the treatment of drug addicts for more than a decade. After a period as an International Consultant he is now one of the founders and has been executive director of Kur-und Gesundheitszentrum Knappenhof for the last six years; His work features the implantation of specific programmes for special target groups such as adolescents, mothers and children, dual diagnosis patients into the therapeutic setting; He has been president of the Vienna NGO Committee on Narcotic Drugs for many years with consultative status to the UN, is a board member of ICAA –International Council on Alcohol and Addictions and after many years in the board, president of Euro TC –European Centres of Drug Addiction; As expert he has been involved in numerous European projects, recently he is leading the Work Package “Treatment Challenges” for the DCD 2 – Democracy Cities and Drugs Project.