Harm reduction in the context of other pillars of drug policy: what is the future? (abstract)

Speaker: Jakub Cerny (NGO Sdruzeni Podane ruce, Brno; Czech Republic)

Our presentation is dedicated to the question, how are the harm reduction services are affected by the other public subjects of a political or repressive nature. The authors don’t aim to present a theoretical study, but one including practical examples from the last time to point out possible intrusions in definition of the meaning and the agenda of Harm reduction services. In our presentation we try to focus on different discourses of repressive and preventive subjects in the case of on-site pill testing. In this model case we discuss the questions, how these discourses can coexist side by side (including examples from abroad) and if these examples are functional in the current state of affairs in the Czech Republic; In other examples, we focus on the possible intrusions of private security services within the agenda of outreach work and Harm Reduction, and on some aspects of the election campaign regarding drug services. Finally, we try to outline the development of possible alternatives, including discussion, about how to prevent HR services against losing face and meaning.


CV: Jakub Černý is 26 years old and he works as a psychologist and social worker in Sdružení Podané ruce. For the last five years he has been working with drug users in different settings, streets, clubs, Czech prisons or on-site counselling rooms; As a psychologist he graduated on Masaryk University in the Faculty of Social Sciences. He studied on Universidade do Porto in the Faculty of Psychology as well. Mr. Černý has absolved therapeutic training in Narrative therapy. He is interested in the postmodern and social constructionist movement and its use in psychotherapy and social work. In the last two years he had participated on the interventions in the environment of rave parties. Me and my colleagues were inspired by this experience and try to bring the question of on-site pill testing to the discussion at the last Czech AT conference (in the presentation “On-site pill testing − evaluation of summer 2009 and new drug trends”).