Dr. Stanislav Stech

Member of the Programme Committee.

Stanislav Stech, graduated in psychology at Charles University Prague, professor in educational psychology; research on school socialization, pupils/students relationship to the knowledge and learning, parents/teachers/students communication triangle and teacher´s profession.

Head of the Dept. of Psychology Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague. Vice-chancellor of the Charles University for development since 2003.

Membership in scientific societies:

  • Czech-Moravian Psychological Society
  • Czech Association of Educational Research International School Psychology Association, liaison person in International Institute on School Psychology.

Membership in Boards and Committees:

  • Member of Scientific Board Faculty of Education, Charles University Prague (1993- present)
  • Member of Scientific Board Faculty of Humanities, Charles University Prague (2000- present)
  • Vice-president of the Institutional Board of the Institute of Psychology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (2007 - present) Pedagogika Journal, Chief Editor (1994-2003), member of Editorial Board (2003-present)
  • Member of Editorial Board of "Recherche et Formation" Journal (2000-present), of the on-line Journal  "Travail, Formation et Education" - Revue européenne interdisciplinaire de recherche (2002-present), of the European Journal of School Psychology (2007-present).