Dr. Kamil Kalina

Member of the Programme Committee.

Born 1945 in Prague. Graduated in medicine (1970) and in psychology (1978) at the Charles University, Prague. Postgraduate specialisation in psychiatry, public health, systematic psychotherapy, substance abuse disorders; long term training in psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy, in family therapy, and in supervision. Received European certificates in psychotherapy, in supervision and in European Public Health. . In 2008 received academic degree of Associate Professor in clinical psychology.

Working career: in 1970-1990 Dr. Kalina was  working as a clinical and social psychiatrist and psychotherapist  in public services.  He was  concerned mainly with psychoses and personality disorders, he introduced in this field new psychotherapeutic approaches and forms of care (day clinic,  therapeutic community), human rights in psychiatry, political misuse and reforms of psychiatric institutions.

In 1986-89 he was a leader of an informal platform for  mental health care reforms.  In the Velvet Revolution (November 1989) he entered the political life. In the years of 1990-1997 he kept several public positions (member of Federal Parliament of Czechoslovakia, deputy minister of health, national drug coordinator). In this period, he was involved in formulation and implementation of health reform and new drug policy of the Czech government.

In the academic year 1993-94 he worked as a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of London. In  1994-1995 he was a Head of the School of Public Health, Postgraduate Medical Institute, Prague.  In the following period, 1998-2007,  Dr. Kalina was  working as a Medical Director  of  SANANIM, a  major NGO for provision  of care of addicts. There he was concerned with the treatment of substance abuse disorders and with the development of the system of professional services.  He also acted as a teacher, research worker and a consultant in national and international projects (e.g. of  WHO, Group Pompidou - Council of Europe, EU-Phare).

He was involved in establishing of the Centre for Addictology at the Psychiatric Clinic, 1st Medical Faculty,  Charles University, and of the new study programme in addictology. Since 2005, he has been teaching in this study programme  (particularly clinical addictology, psychotherapy and counselling), and he is also a deputy head for teaching in the Centre for Addictology.

In 2007, he left SANANIM for his “second term” at the position of national drug coordinator and executive vice-chairman of the Government Council for Drug Policy Coordination.

He also acts many years as a head of psychotherapeutic training and of theoretical course in the independent institute of SUR.

Publications etc.: Dr. Kalina published more than 120 articles and book chapters  both in the Czech Republic and abroad, and several books. He is a member of the board of the Czech Society for Substance Abuse Disorders,  and of the editorial board of the Czech Journal for Addictology.