Public expenditures on drug policy in the Czech Republic

Jiri Vopravil (Czech Statistical Office, Czech Republic). Poster presentation.

Economic analysis of public expenditure is part of the Annual Report of the Drug Situation in the Czech Republic. Reports for the years 2002-2008 are now available, and are divided by several views. The first division is by financial providers. Public expenditure on drug policy in the Czech Republic comes from the state and local (regional and municipal) budgets. The Government Council for Drug Policy Coordination approves subsidies, which are provided by the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic for support of projects. Selected ministries have a Drug Policy Programme in their own budgets (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance). The expenditure of the National Drug Headquarters is included in the budget of Ministry of Interiors. The projects are on a central and regional level. Other regional projects are supported from the regional and municipal budgets. All the data is divided into the 14 regions of the Czech Republic by location of service provider (beneficiary of subsidies). The second division of the public expenditure is made by service categories: primary prevention, harm reduction, treatment, aftercare, law enforcement, coordination and others.

CV: Jiri Vopravil was born in 1968. Education: Degree in Economic Statistics on the Prague University of Economics; doctoral thesis on the estimation of drug trade as a part of non-observed economy. Career: Since 1996 employed by the Czech Statistical Office; cooperation with EMCDDA National Focal Point in the Czech Republic, and with the Center for Addictology at the Department of Psychiatry of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague and General Teaching Hospital in Prague; several publications and conference presentations on themes of economic aspects of the drugs trade and public expenditures on drug policy.