Promile SMS: A universal and interactive tool for drink driving and alcohol abuse prevention

Katerina Skarupova (National Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, Czech Republic). Poster presentation.

The Promile SMS service follows on from cognitive treatment theory, which supports small steps in self-monitoring of behaviour, and provides practical tips on how to stay in control, and to not keep within the bounds of the law, and generally accepted behavioural norms. The goal of the service is to prevent drink driving and to assist in (self) treatment by means of controlled drinking. Promile SMS is a tool for calculating blood alcohol levels, and it works in the GSM and the WAP protocols. The service provides a socially invisible tool for the self-regulation of alcohol consumption. Traditional tools such as brochures, calculators, etc., can raise many unpleasant questions and comments. Those who wish to check their alcohol consumption without others knowing about can do so very simply and without any hassle, using a mobile phone; The Promile SMS service has worked in all GSM networks in the Czech Republic since 1st September 2005, and it is actively supported in the night-life setting (clubs, bars, restaurants, music festivals). An analysis of data from the service indicates that both the goals of the project have been fulfilled successfully. The indicators involve a high proportion of customers with BAC=0, who more commonly use the service in the morning and forenoon hours, and a high proportion of those who check their blood alcohol level while they are drinking. The localisation of content requires harmonisation with the laws of a given country, and information about the risks of BAC is then universal for most of the Euroamerican population.

CV: Ms. Škařupová is an employee of the Czech National Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (National Focal Point; NFP), and she is responsible for data analysis. Since Sept. 1, 2008, she is responsible for population and school surveys on attitudes towards drug use (indicator: drug use among the general population), incl. the team membership in the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs (ESPAD).