A comparison of the lifestyles of drug users

Roberto Ricci (IDM Onlus, Italy). Poster presentation.

The present contribution is based on four surveys carried out in the last two years. The database has been managed and evaluated in comparison with data from other surveys from other countries. The most important finding of these databases is the analysis of the lifestyles of drug consumers. A major work has been planned to understand the risk of becoming addicted, according to specific lifestyles and environments. One of the goals of this contribution is to understand if living in a small town is lower-risk than living in a metropolitan area, and to describe the dynamic between supply and demand in the two environments. Consumption is the first variable to consider, then differences in pricing, because the hypothesis that traffickers may perpetrate violence is often valid. The market is not homogeneous everywhere, and three explanations could be taken in account: 1) The illicit drug industry leaves delivery to street dealers and they are completely free to fix the prices, the quality of the drug they sell, with no connection with the true traffickers‘ strategy and without any precise logic network; 2) There illicit drug industry is weak which is not the situation in every town, either because a good public administration controls the area, or for other socio-cultural reasons; 3) There are people who do not want to use drugs because they wish to live a safe and healthy lifestyle. Tobacco, alcohol and drugs are almost inseparable for drug-users, especially for the youngest users. From the analyses, some suggestions will emerge which will allow better planning of prevention interventions in different situations, and to discover the conditions for the best practices.

CV: Roberto Ricci was born on 25th December, 1953; Current position: Consultant and entrepreneur in the field of economics and information technology; Career: December 2009-present, co-project manager of two surveys carried out on behalf of the Italian Department of Antidrug policy, the former on secondary school students (ESPAD) and the latter on the residents in therapeutic communities; September 2008-June 2010, co-project manager of the research project, financed by the Open Society Institute, “Illicit Drug Market and its Possible Regulation,” responsible for surveys and economic analysis; since 2007 he has worked on drugs market analysis, and has already conducted projects on prevention and regulation analysis; writer and co-writer of several speeches in international workshops and an article and one book, “Act upon the Market to fight Illicit Drug Industry” (May, 2010), on drug market analysis; He founded IDM (Illicit Drug Market) Onlus in May 2010, an organisation for the development of policies against illicit industries and for education; he founded “Easy and Faster” s.r.l. in 2006, a company specializing in surveys and other applications of web based procedures; He has a solid background in the economic and statistic fields, with the participation in several projects regarding land economics and statistics.