The successful experience of the city Rada people’s deputy in cooperating with NGOs to achieve harm reduction among IDUs

Speaker: Tetyana Loginova (Kiev Narcological Hospital of Sociotherapy, Ukraine).

In 2003 a physician of Sociotherapy at the Kyiv City Narcological Hospital (medical director A. Vievsky), an injection drug user (IDU) and a lawyer created an NGO for IDUs in the Svyatoshyn district of Kyiv city. This action-group drafted the NGO Statute and developed operational principles and objectives, including their primary objective; to achieve harm reduction in Kyiv city, and particularly to increase the use of substitution therapy. These issues were set out in a letter to MP Volodymyr D. Bondarenko, with a request to support the NGO registration in the city district. It should be noted that: 1.The MP and his assistants responded promptly and the NGO was very soon registered in the district and received legal status. 2.The NGO received good backing from the MP in drafting the first projects. The letters of support were of critical importance in getting grants for the NGO. 3.One of the conditions for the project’s activity was finding premises for the project team. Here the MP’s assistance was of great use. The municipal utility office allocated the premises for working with IDU probationers, and for holding regular trainings for clients. As a result of this fruitful cooperation we have developed a ‘trong NGO, substantially contributing to HIV/AIDS prophylactics and drug abuse prevention among young people. The NGO publishes “The Butterfly” newspaper and various preventive booklets. We take part in events such as Health Day, AIDS Day, Day against Drug Abuse, and a Memorial Day remembering victims of AIDS. For this reason we think that our operation experience will provide useful knowledge in former Soviet republics, where the similar projects are not adequately meeting the needs of communities.

CV: Tetyana Loginova – education and experience: 1965-1971,Kiev Medical Institute, Kiev, Ukraine, Medical Doctor (M.D.); 1991-1999, Kiev Post Graduate Medical Academy, Kiev, Ukraine, specialist in infectious diseases; 1998 Kiev Post Graduate Medical Academy, Kiev, Ukraine, course on HIV/AIDS care and treatment; 1972-1991 Kiev Epidemiological Department, head of regional Epidemiological Department; 1991-1998 Kiev Medical College N4Lecturer on the course ”Infectious Diseases within the course of HIV/AIDS; 2004-2009, Kiev Postgraduate Medical Academy, Kiev, Ukraine, upgrade course on infectious diseases; Career: 1998-present: Head of the Department for HIV-infected patients (Injected Drug Users) at the Kiev Narcological Hospital Sociotherapy; Community service and other activities, 1998-present: Working with IDUs and building motivation to change behavior for a safer lifestyle; guiding HIV-positive patients from initial HIV positive diagnosis to insuring adherence to ARV treatment regime and healthy lifestyle; 2003-2006, Involvement as a trainer and lecturer in the project “Reducing the Risk of Occupational exposure to blood borne pathogens to nurses as the most vulnerable group of health care workers”, in different rejoins (oblast) of Ukraine; 2003-present, established “Drop-in-Center”, an NGO and clinic for HIV/AIDS vulnerable groups and for harm reduction; 1998 established the Center for Pre- and Post Testing Counseling, with free HIV/AIDS testing for vulnerable groups; 1997, chief of the information department under the UNDP project “Society‘s impact on AIDS”; 1996, founded and led a public center for self-assistance of HIV/AIDS and risk groups, named We Are With You, The first NGO for PLWA in Ukraine; 1991-1998, organized and led a student study group on HIV/AIDS prevention and healthy lifestyle promotion; Volunteering: 1991-1996, worked as a volunteer with a student team caring for AIDS patients in Lavra Hospital for HIV/AIDS patients in Kiev. 2003; Volunteer for “Medicines sans Frontiers”; Accreditations Accredited Physician of Infectious Diseases in Ukraine; Professional memberships Member of Infectious Diseases Society of Ukraine.