Prague and municipal drug policy

The City of Prague plays an extraordinary role in the Czech drug policy. It is only partly due to the fact that Prague, as any other metropolis, is more affected by the drug problem than the rest of the country.

The City of Prague has a tradition of an increased sensitivity towards this issue. It shows in a long term conceptual work of the Prague City Hall as well as Prague municipal parts and their drug coordinators. During the last nearly ten years, it also showed in the considerable volume of financial resources which the Prague City Hall as well as the municipal parts spent on primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of various types of drug use. By doing so, they more or less managed to substitute the considerably vanishing resources from central budgets. The transfer of the financial burden from the governmental to the municipal level leads to an increasing influence of the Prague City Hall on the structure, scope and quality of all drug policy measures in the territory of Prague.

The professional background of the management of the Prague City Hall and its specialised branch made it possible to establish a unique network at the territory of Prague. It involves a wide spectrum of various facilities thanks to which the City of Prague has managed the field of drug-related issues with a comparatively high degree of success and ability to respond quickly to acute threats.

This conference will focus on municipal drug policies and their context. Though "municipal", the conference aims to have international political overreach, and the series of practical workshops will improve the professional level of those working in social services in the field of drugs. As with any other conference of this type, one must not forget about its social effect: establishment of new professional contacts, initiation of joint projects, etc.