As a part of the programme, a set of workshops was provided.

The aim of each workshop was to present and discuss key issues in implementing interventions that were identified as topics, and in assessing their impacts. Special attention was paid to practical issues in work with the public and policy makers, the proper management of the programmes, and step-by-step development for specific environments.

The duration of a workshop/training event was 90 minutes. Each event was led by two key experts in the given field - one who has long and extensive experience in the given field/intervention, and a senior Czech expert from the same field. The workshops were designed as group discussions facilitated by the different views and experience of key experts.


  • Primary prevention at the urban level
  • Opioid substitution treatment and cities
  • The semi-/open drug scene, the police, and the specialised services
  • Application rooms and assisted heroin treatment in cities
  • Novel interventions for stimulant users and new user groups
  • Community policing and drugs
  • Public Health vs. Public Order.